Book Supply Chain in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

This technical brief presents the technical and logistical challenges encountered by the ACCELERE!1 project during planning, forecasting, title development, publishing, printing, procuring, and distributing training and learning materials to Congolese students, teachers, directors, and inspectors and provides recommendations for future implementers on keys to a successful teaching and learning materials supply chain in DRC.

Low-Cost Private Schools in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

This technical brief presents the background on the emerging picture of Low-Cost Private Schools (LCPS) in low-income countries, and the DRC in particular. It also provides an overview of the lessons learned from the USAID- and UK Aid-funded ACCELERE!1 project about non-state schools in the DRC. It finally presents recommendations for implementing partners who will be working…

Abdulkader Alaeddin

Abdulkader Alaeddin is a team leader overseeing the Syria Education Programme and a monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning (MERL) expert with 14 years of experience designing, implementing, and leading activities in conflict-affected areas across the Middle East, including in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. He has experience designing and implementing grants programs, including in the…

3 Questions with Juan Felipe Sanchez Franco

During the past two years, the USAID Honduras Quality Reading Materials Activity (QRMA) Project worked with the Ministry of Education to acquire, print, and distribute more than 3 million teaching and learning materials. Chief of Party Juan Felipe Sanchez Franco offers some insight about the project’s successful collaboration with the ministry and other stakeholders. How did partnerships…

Keeping Vulnerable Children in School – Evidence of a Successful Community Savings Model

The ACCELERE!1 (A!1) project improved educational outcomes for girls and boys through enhanced teaching in national languages and French, reduced barriers to education, and increased transparency of school governance structures. This was accomplished by A!1’s income-generating activities and community savings groups approach, which helped parents secure a more affordable education for their children.

Tajik Librarian Creates a Reading Corner to Promote Reading Skills

To address the lack of age-relevant reading materials, space, and trained librarians, the USAID Read with Me project provided over 400,000 books and trained over 1,700 school librarians to both increase the availability of these resources and improve library operations to foster a reading environment for children. The USAID project also encouraged teachers, librarians, and…

Shaping the Next Generation of Tajikistan’s Writers

USAID’s Read with Me project improves reading comprehension over fluency, provides modern methods to teach analytical reading, donates books and arranges events for students to meet and ask questions to acclaimed writers, all with the goal of improving teacher training, student literacy, and advancing learning in Tajikistan.