Joyce Tobias

Dr. Achan Tobias is a recent graduated from Howard University with a Doctor of Pharmacy. During the last year, Achan has had the opportunity of completing her Global Health Post-Doctoral Fellowship with Howard and Chemonics in Global…

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Cross-Sectoral Analysis Reveals Hidden Links to Youth Development

With the largest youth population in history at 2.4 billion, engaging young people in international development programming is critical in shaping their communities and the world.
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What is Community?

Chemonics is dedicated to improving communities around the world. But what is community? Find out more.

Andree’ Omoregbee

Andree’ is a senior associate for business development in Chemonics’ East and Southern Africa Division.

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Enhancing Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management for Improved Health Outcomes

The development of strategies for optimal pharmaceutical supply chain management is important to establish secure and efficient procurement and delivery procedures for essential medicines, in the pharmaceutical sector for low-to-middle-income countries (LMICs).
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Sharon Bean

Learning strategist, organizational management consultant, master facilitator and instructional designer. Expert in achieving measurable results in capacity building, governance, sustainability, change management, strategic planning, coaching, and performance improvement. Specialties: Global Program Management; Partnership Development; Institutional Strengthening.

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Djenie Danjoint

Certified Global Public Health professional with over seven years of experience in domestic and international settings working in community project management health education, promotion, outreach, and prevention. Fluent in English, Haitian Creole, and advanced proficiency in…

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Fernando Calado

IDIQ Manager

Fernando Calado is a migration and human rights expert with over 20 years of experience managing complex donor programs and over 15 years of implementation in Colombia. A three-time Chief of Party for USAID-funded programs, he…

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Mauricio Lopez

Chief of Party, USAID/Colombia Economic Integration in Migrant Communities Activity

Mauricio is a project leader with more than 25 years of experience promoting economic and financial access to vulnerable populations in Colombia, including 14 years supporting USAID activities that focused on vulnerable populations, including migrants, from…

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Sergio Barraza

Deputy Chief of Party-Technical, USAID/Colombia Economic Integration in Migrant Community Activity

Sergio is a private sector development specialist with more than 12 years of experience designing and implementing projects that promote the economic integration of vulnerable communities and developing sustainable value chains in urban and rural areas.…

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