GLAAS Data Informing National Sanitation Strategies: Continuing the 2019 Conversation

This World Water Week 2022 session shares methodologies & tools for applying an evidenced-based approach to aligning donor-funded sanitation interventions with governmental mandates for resource protection & adaptation management.

Thinking and Working Politically Learning and Futures Symposium

This Symposium will present experience and research from the past five years of Chemonics’ programming and others’ experiences using political economy analysis and savvy, adaptive approaches to improve development effectiveness and sustainability.
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The War in Ukraine and the Future of Global Food Security

What bold choices and scalable changes can we make to potentially meet the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 2: End Hunger? Today’s lessons from Ukraine and worldwide shed light on our global dual reality: There is hope — and the stakes have never been higher.

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Development Works Here with Taylor Jack

Development works here because great people work here. We’re excited to introduce you to our team.

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Taylor Jack

Taylor Jack is a program manager for the East and Southern Africa Region at Chemonics.

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Rwanda Digital Health and Traceability Implementation

A holistic supply chain information systems maturity assessment led to changes in Rwanda's digital health system.
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