Final Report: Dominican Republic Criminal Justice System Strengthened Project

This final report summarizes the achievements and outcomes of the Criminal Justice System Strengthened Project in the Dominican Republic.
Resource - Project Report

Final Report: Guatemala Youth and Gender Justice Project

This final report highlights the results and lessons learned from Guatemala's Youth and Gender Justice Project.
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Trauma-Informed Approaches to Development Checklist

The Trauma-Informed Approaches (TIA) to Development Checklist is designed to help projects more thoughtfully integrate trauma in their project design and implementation across all sectors by detailing foundational principles and outlining practical TIA steps projects can take all stages of implementation.
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Workplace Obstacles for Women in Government in Afghanistan: Analysis and Recommendations

This 2018 report identifies key barriers to women’s participation in the Afghan civil service and demonstrates the progress of government institutions over time as they have realized their commitment to gender empowerment and equity.
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Workplace Obstacles for Women in Government in Afghanistan Workplace Obstacles: Analysis and Recommendations (2016)

This 2016 report analyzes the obstacles that limit women from working within the government, such as policy, regulations, culture, and adequate infrastructure. Further, it provides recommendations for establishing equitable work environments for women by integrating the perspectives of female and male government employees, students, and representatives of civil society organizations
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Women in Government Partnership Assessment

To support the PROMOTE: Women in Government project objectives, this partnership assessment was conducted to evaluate the mandate, political will, capacity, resources, system and processes of the potential government partners from the Afghan ministries and provide recommendations based on findings.
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Measuring Community Norms Around Women’s Empowerment in the West Bank: Opportunities and Challenges of a Novel Approach Using Cultural Consensus

Understanding cultural norms is essential to achieving development results but can sometimes be difficult. The authors of this paper tested a novel method to monitor and evaluate a USAID justice project in the West Bank, Palestine.
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Global Approach to Women in Leadership

This primer is an overview of Chemonics’ approach to addressing the systemic barriers and opportunities for women to lead in various sectors through their programs.
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Our Work in Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

We apply a gender and social inclusion lens to our multi-sector work, acknowledging factors like age, ethnic and religious identities, sexual orientation and gender identity, physical and mental ability, and socioeconomic status.
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