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Entry-Level Professional (ELP) Program

Our ELP program helps newly-hired associates navigate their first year at Chemonics to develop a broad understanding of the company, share ideas and best practices with other new associates, receive guidance on professional development, and visualize a career path.

A career at Chemonics is about helping people live healthier, more productive, and more independent lives. It’s about actively pursuing and sharing knowledge that benefits the development field. And it’s about knowing you can make a difference in the world. Chemonics has worked in more than 145 countries spanning five continents and most sectors of international development.

The ELP program is a component of a new associate’s job in their first year. It is a one-year leadership and development program that provides an extra layer of support for new associates as they advance through their first year at Chemonics. Over the course of the program, associates attend quarterly meetings to share ideas and best practices with other new employees, and learning events through which associates gain knowledge about specializations within Chemonics and an understanding of possible career paths.

Chemonics is a learning organization that offers new and existing employees extensive on-the-job training through more than 120 internal training courses each year in areas such as project management, new business development, leadership and management, and in specific technical areas. We also offer numerous leadership and professional development opportunities to empower our staff for career advancement. Because we believe in promoting from within and developing future leaders, we invest in our staff by providing a supportive, dynamic environment that enables employees to step outside their comfort zones to build skills and advance the work we do. Most importantly, we encourage staff to be versatile and to draw on the array of tools, resources, and training available to them to determine their own career paths and discover ways to achieve our shared development mission.

President and CEO Susi Mudge (center) and Senior Vice President Chris Smith (right) congratulate a graduate of the ELP. 

Roles as an Entry-Level Professional

Based in Washington, D.C., new associates at Chemonics fill a variety of roles and are essential to fulfilling our mission. We seek individuals who are enterprising, energetic, intellectually curious, and demonstrate a commitment to teamwork and integrity. New employees learn the basics of our work, our business practices, our systems and procedures, and the central functions of our main client: USAID. They provide logistical support to our projects in the field, contribute to new business proposals, participate in developing technical solutions to ongoing work, and support operations in our fast-paced field- and home-office environments. They build on that knowledge as they grow within the company, helping us create leaders from within.

The following are four illustrative associate-level positions located in our regional business units or support divisions:

  • New business associate: Strategizes about where new international development project opportunities may exist in a particular region, gains an understanding of the technical areas and key issues that are most prominent in a country or region, and develops key regional and local partnerships.
  • Project management associate: Supports the management of several projects within one or more countries in a particular region, including the oversight of technical implementation, personnel, and project budgets.
  • Operations associate: Supports the overall management of projects and internal operational functions in a region or support unit, including recruiting and hiring personnel, supporting staff satisfaction and professional development initiatives, managing the region’s budget, and planning team-building activities.
  • Support division associate: Provides specialized support in an area such as human resources, finance and administration, global safety and security, strategic solutions and communication, and information management, among others.

Like all employees, associates also participate in one or several practice groups to build and share technical knowledge.

Applying to Associate Positions

Chemonics recruits associates in regions or support divisions based on business need.

A full-time associate position at Chemonics includes a complete benefits package. Ideal candidates have the following qualifications beyond the attributes listed above:

  • A bachelor's or master's degree
  • Strong communication skills
  • At least two years of relevant professional experience
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Experience working overseas
  • Foreign language skills
  • Ability to travel outside the United States
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent residency

Please visit our Career Center to view available positions and apply directly, or create a profile and set up a response agent to alert you to job opportunities that match your skills and interests as they become available. Your profile consists of your CV, a cover letter, and detailed information about your skills, interests, and experience.

ELP Program

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